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At Hybrid Water Heater Guys, we have the most modern hybrid water heaters that combine electricity, solar and heat-pump technologies. This hybrid water heater provides you will all your needs for hot water at affordable cost. The hybrid water heater is versatile in that you will get the best out of the three sources of energy mentioned. Unlike the heat-pump or electric run heaters, the hybrid ones are more efficient in that electricity is only used as a backup whilst the heater operates primarily on the heat-pump. Our experts have a deep understanding on the mechanism of the hybrid water heaters and will therefore install for you highly efficient hybrid water heater for your home or industrial uses. Call us on 888-500-1686 and learn more on the benefits of hybrid water heaters.Additionally, you will receive high standard hybrid water heater installation and hybrid water heater repair services at subsidized cost.


Energy efficient hybrid water heater Services

At Hybrid Water Heater Guys, energy efficiency is paramount. This explains why we have invested heavily in technologies that properly conserve energy. You can count on our wide range of hybrid water heaters to meet all your hot water needs using a combination of various sources of energy,namely,heat-pump,electricity and solar. Once you subscribe to our services, you will receive a wide range of options for your hot water needs. Our able and competent personnel will advice you accordingly about our highly functional hybrid water heater services. So whether you need the installation for your home or commercial needs, you will find the most energy efficient hybrid water heaters from us. In order to deliver such outstanding service to our customers, we lay a lot of emphasis on the following three areas.



Our outstanding service is thanks to our personnel. They are well trained to ensure your satisfaction at every turn. They conduct themselves well and will therefore not turn up for installation whilst drunk, disorderly or using any improper language. Should this happen, we will offer you our services for free. Alternatively, we will still offer you a refund for the investment that you will have made for the hybrid water heater service.

Call us today at 888-500-1686 and enjoy our superior customer care services.


Apart from the normal installation, we offer other services such as hybrid water heater repair. The kind of repair that we carry out is meant to last long. It is not expected to break down any time soon after we have carried out the repair. In exceptional cases when this happens, we shall offer a refund of your money or help you exercise your warranty option and have us repeat the repair at no cost on your side. Call us on 888-500-1686 and learn more from our experts.

Replacement install

In our service charter, we declare that the kind of services that we offer are of the highest standards and will function accordingly. If the installed hybrid water heater fails to live up to expectation, we will offer you a full refund.

For a professional quotation, please make a call to 888-500-1686 and receive the expert evaluation from our industry leaders.


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